Top Ten Books On My Birthday Wishlist

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Freebie! So since this is a “pick your own topic,” I’ve gone with Top Ten Books on my Birthday Wishlist. Because my birthday is just 30-ish days away now, on June 29th to be exact. And oddly, I’m very excited! My 18th birthday was kind of… meh. To put it gently. Actually, June through December of 18 sucked. Not even going to sugar-coat that one. BUT I WILL CHANGE ALL THAT WITH 19. Mainly this list is here for my own uses for when anyone asks, because I always forget when the time actually comes to say I WANT THIS. Also, my mom reads my blog.

Hi mommy!

So here’s my list, in no particular order.

1. Free to Fall by Lauren Miller. THE CONCEPT. Seriously, this makes my inner sci-fi geek just curl her toes with excitement. The WHAT IFS are just mind-blowing, and I’m pretty much drooling over here.

2. Plus One by Elizabeth Fama. I’ve been after this one since I heard about it last… February? I think? But I keep swaying back and forth between buying it, since I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. I THINK I’ll love it, especially with that cover, but I’m afraid that A) I won’t love it as much as I hope, and B) I’m just buying it for the cover. If I’m honest, it’s one of those things that you want, but only want it if someone gets it for you. You know what I mean? Hopefully I’m not the only one who has that sort of thing happen. Either that, or I have to be having a really gutsy day where I say “screw this” and stop being scared of a book. 

3. City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Is this really a question? I told myself I could buy Take Me On or COHF for my last book before I go on the pre-birthday ban, and Take Me On won the coin toss. I’ll probably get spoiled, because that’s just how I roll around here, but STILL. She’s wearing white, and I’m so so afraid but I MUST find out if my favorite characters survive the end.

4. The Treatment by Suzanne Young. This is one that for whatever reason I keep putting off, despite having LOVED the first book and having several friends tell me it was a great follow-up. I’ll probably have to reread The Program so I can have a fresh memory when I read the Treatment, but I’m really excited to see how it all ends.

5. Faking Normal by Courtney Stevens. This was released back in February, and I almost bought it, but other books were higher on my priority list. But now that I’m on a huge contemporary binge, I’ve had my eye on this one more and more. I love stories about broken people, and seeing how they fight/defeat their demons, and this sounds like it’ll fit right in that niche.

6. Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi. I’ve not yet read the second book, but it’s sitting on my shelf waiting for me and I loved the first book. Plus, Roar. There really is no other reason.

7. Split Second by Kasie West. Another duology in which I loved the first book, but never got around to buying the second. Which is strange, since I’m just dying to find out what happens to Trevor. He’s my favorite character, and really the only thing that matters is a HEA for him.

8. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. I avoided this one at first, just because it was SO hyped up, but now that the craze has calmed down, I’m taking the time to read reviews. Specifically, Nara’s, and since she and I share the same exact feelings about every single book (honestly, it’s creepy. We’ve compared our GR feeds side by side, and 99.9% of the books we’ve both read had the same exact star rating). And now I’m actually quite intrigued by this story! Plus, it sounds like one my sister would like to, and I love it when we can share a book and talk about it together.

9 & 10. Flat Out Love and Flat Out Celeste by Jessica Park. I’ve already read Flat Out Love, and LOVED it, but don’t own a copy. And then I found out on Sunday that Flat Out Celeste will be released in paperback sometime next week! I seriously had a “holy crap stop it all right now I need this book” moment. But I’m so picky about Kindle that I refuse to buy it until I can get a physical copy!

Because I was looking for a birthday party gif, but found this instead, and really what can top Emma Stone a la Easy A era?

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!


22 thoughts on “Top Ten Books On My Birthday Wishlist

  1. HAHAHA. I wish my mom would take a look at my GR wishlist. 😛 The Treatment!! I read it as an eARC and I so want a physical copy. FAKING NORMAL YES READ IT. Split Second and The Winner’s Curse were amazing as well! <33 Plus One and CoHF are on my need-to-buy list too! I own Into the Still Blue but haven't read it yet. XD You're welcome for this gorgeously incoherent comment.

    • Write it on pieces of paper, and hide them everywhere so she can find them while she’s cooking or something. Just BURY your house in your GR URL 😀

      I love incoherent comments! That means I picked good books 😀

  2. Ooh wow. Some amazing books on your wishlist. I can’t wait to read Flat-Out Celeste. How exciting. It reminds me I need to read Flat-Out Matt. I bought that a few weeks back. I’m reading Into The Still Blue soon, which I’m excited about. I adored the Pivot Point series, so I hope you like Split Second!

    • I spoiled myself for COHF, and now I’m totally prepared for it 😀 I almost picked it up at BN today… but I restrained myself. It’s SO thick though! Almost as wieldy as HP5 😛

  3. Ha ha, I love that your mom reads your blog and therefore knows what you want now! Around Christmas time I did a Christmas book wish list and my husband, who reads my blog, got me 2 or 3 from there even though I totally didn’t have that expectation on him!

    I wish my birthday wasn’t so far away so I could ask for Split Second too! Every time I find it in store or online it’s more money than I want to spend. *pout* Anyhow, hope you get some of the books you want, and that 19 is a better year for you!

  4. I love following your blog! Your biggest challenge will be can you keep to your buying ban for one month so your mom might be able to get you a book you don’t have! 😉

  5. I can totally relate. My sixteenth birthday was as boring as staying home, doing nothing. I mean, what happened to “Sweet Sixteen”? Then again, I don’t really like attention when it comes to birthdays — especially during the birthday song — so I guess I should count it as a blessing in disguise, kinda? xD Lol, I don’t know what I’d do if my mom (or anyone I knew in real life) was reading my blog. Not that I’ve got anything to hide, but it’d be so awkward because I’m really different both in real life and in the blogosphere. They’d probably get a personality shock, haha.

    Anyway, my wishlist pretty much has almost everything you listed here.

    1. Have you read Lauren Miller’s PARALLEL? Because that one was SO GOOD. Parallel universes are so interesting and she did it so painfully well in her debut. Which is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to FREE TO FALL so much as well. The covers are so similar, though, which is kind of weird. It makes them look like her books are in series, or something.

    2. Yes, the cover’s gorgeous! But I’m a little iffy when it comes to covers like these — I’m afraid the book will become so absorbed with the romantic aspect (even though the romance does sound like it takes up a huge chunk of the story here) and won’t focus on anything and I’ll end up hating it with a passion. Especially since PLUS ONE has another awesome-sounding sci-fi plot. Gah, the science-geek part of me is going crazy.

    5. For some reason this book never really caught my attention. Probably because the cover’s so generic — it looks like any other contemporary novel out there, you know? But I see what you mean. I love emotional and broken and messed-up stories as well. Those are the ones that really stand out and stick with you for a long time, as compared to those funny and cheesy and romantic ones.

    6. I haven’t read the second book either, but I’ve heard so many great things about the last two! And they have such PRETTY COVERS. All those hues, man. All those HUES. Anyway, hope you get to the second one soon; can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    7. Kasie West. Need I say more?

    8. This book. My gosh, the number of five-star reviews I’m seeing for it is unbelievable — kinda like SHADOW & BONE, which I loved despite having sky-high expectations. I’m scared of reading it too, even though many of my trusted reviewers have had nothing but amazing things to say about the story. Plus, another pretty cover! 😛 Always a reason to get it. Maybe I’ll wait until the PB version comes out…

    Okay, so I may have rambled a little in this comment, but whatevs. 😉 I’ll try to remember to wish you on June 29, but just in case I forget (which is highly likely)… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAYLA! ❤ Hoping that your nineteenth will be loads better than the previous one!

    • I feel the same way – I’m much more extroverted online and on my blog than I am in real life!

      I ALMOST got Parallel the other day, but I’m always scared of parallel universe stories. They tend to get a bit weird sometimes for me :/

      I was all scared of Shadow and Bone as well, but now it’s one of my favorite series. I think I just need to get over myself and read the book!

      Ugh, do we have to start this again?? I LOVE YOUR RAMBLING!!! And that’s okay – I keep forgetting about it myself xD THANK YOU!

    And Through The Ever Night has A LOT OF ROAR so I suggest you read it and we can read into the still blue together forever <333333

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