9 Faces You May Make While Reading In Public


A few weeks ago, I reviewed A Girl Called Fearless by Catherine Linka, and mentioned the fact that I finished the last 25% while eating dinner at Chipotle, and may or may not have been quite expressive while I read the book.

And by that I mean I probably scared away any possible friends and/or male suitors attempting to get my attention.

This got me to thinking: what other faces have I made while I read in public? And so I head down a very dark and dangerous path… into the nine levels of The Faces I Make Involuntarily Due To My Attachment and/or Investment In My Books.

1) The “WTF” face

We’ve all done it – don’t lie. You know those books that just make you go, “what in the world am I reading??”

2) The “oh my god my heart is bursting with sunshine” face

This is joy in its purest, unmitigated form. Usually seen after your OTP finally admits their love for each other, or your BROTP has a bonding moment.

3) The “I am so disappointed right now” face

That book promised to be so amazing – the greatest you will ever read. And then WHAM it falls so low in your esteem that you have to find the energy to finish it.

4) The “I’m trying not to laugh but this is hilarious” face

Conceal it. Don’t feel it. Don’t let it show. Don’t let them knooowwwwww… YOU’RE A FREAK, YOU’RE A FREAK, YOU’RE A BOOK-ADORING FREEAAAKKKK (I already knew that anyway)

5) The “oh NO they di’in’t” face

You’re completely stunned. HOW did that happen? WHAT just happened?? *furiously read the last three pages to make sure you got it right*


Your ship just sailed, the best friends got back together, the plot is tied up, and you got your HEA (as well as it can be in the circumstances). Life is GOOD.

7) The “I don’t want to finish this but it’s an ARC and I don’t want to be a horrible person” face

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Do you slog through 100 more pages of whatever-this-is-I’m-not-sure-it’s-even-edited or do you commit a faux pas and DNF an ARC?

8) The “I guessed every plot point I AM GOD” face

Petty mortals… Did they think they could slip that foreshadowing past ME??

9) The “damn it I’m going to read what I want to read and NO ONE will say otherwise” face

A reaction to #7, and also to those who try to guilt you out of reading some books. ENJOY TWILIGHT IF THAT’S WHAT YOU PLEASE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GUILTY PLEASURE BECAUSE YOU SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE. Unless it’s illegal.

BONUS 10) The “I’m dying from second-hand embarrassment” face

You feel the shame oozing from your pores as if you’ve just committed the heinous act alongside your character. People could think you’re reading 50 Shades of Gray for how much blushing you’re doing.

Well that was fun! Are there any faces I missed? Are you an expressive reader, or have you perfected the poker face?


34 thoughts on “9 Faces You May Make While Reading In Public

  1. This post is just awesomeness! This is why I try very hard to read in a way where I’m not facing people in public! 🙂 I think you got them all – except for the ‘my heart is broken’ one that the first commenter mentioned!

    • Haha, thank you! I had a discussion planned but I was like naahhh let’s be a bit goofy today. I’m usually reading on my phone if I’m in public (because I forgot that I have like… six ARCs I need to read this month. Whoops), so I look even sillier since I’m grinning at my phone 😛

  2. Haha I do all of these! I was sunshine-face basically the entire time I was reading Fangirl. And sometimes on the bus, I have to show incredible self restrain to not punch the air and scream “I CALLED IT!” every time I’m a plot-twist guessing god. Also trying not to laugh never works for me. The more I try to resist, the more contorted my face gets 🙂

    • Awww Fangirl made me feel ALL THE EMOTIONS. I was sunshine face at the very end, and every end of the spectrum before that.

      Oh man, I shout out CALLED IT all the time if I’m home with my family. I take that as part of the whole “we’re related so you’re stuck with me” deal 😛

  3. Hahaha this is superb! I tend to not show emotions while reading (unless my parents or sister are nearby and I can explode on them with the awesome/surprising/emotional thing I just read – they have learned to ignore me.). However, your Face #1 is an exception here – I definitely react publicly to anything WTF.

    • Why thank you 😀 Oh man, all of these are multiplied by ten if my mom or sister are in the room. I probably scare them with all my screaming and cheering and laughing.

      #1 is just unavoidable – I mean, some books are so concerning that you just have to go O_O what have I gotten myself into??

  4. THIS IS AWESOME, KAYLA. Cracked me up so much! I’m reading THE MURDER COMPLEX by Lindsay Cummings right now and it’s giving me the #3 face because it’s so silly and confusing and I just have no love at all for the characters or the world they are living in. And #7 — gosh, STORY OF MY LIFE. I’ve got so many ARCs to read right now, and I’ve skipped out on reviewing quite a few because of time restraints last year, so now I’m telling myself, “Don’t be a jerk, don’t be a jerk, don’t be a jerk” and just finish the damn book. I don’t want the publishers thinking I’m some sort of book reviewing phony, haha.

    That caption for #4, though! xD Loved this!

    • Thank you!! I haven’t heard of The Murder Complex… sounds like it’s a mystery? I dislike that genre anyway, haha.

      I’m so glad that everyone commenting empathizes with the #7 so much 😀 I thought I was alone! Seriously… I had like three ARCs recently that I had to FORCE myself to finish because I told myself that this year I wasn’t allowed to DNF ANY of them unless it was absolutely horrible. But none have reached that point… so I had a lot of 2 star reads in a row.

      THANK YOU for commenting on the #4 caption! I thought it was pretty genius, but no one really brought it up until you 😀

  5. I am just seriously surprised you even managed to find all these GIFs! Like, wow, Kayla, wow. You just absolutely forgot the “I’m bored” face. Sure, it probably fits into one of those categories up there, but bored is bored!

  6. hahaha this is the best!
    I’m reading this REALLY long book right now (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell) and for most of the book my face was #7 because one of my good friends recommended it to me and I was like MUST KEEP READING. But after I got through the struggletown part, it’s now actually really good! So my perseverance worked in my favour *fistpumps*
    #2 happens very very often. Especially in those adorably fluffy contemp romances 😀

    • Even the title sounds strange… I’m already creeping away from it. But I’m glad it ended up getting better for you!

      Ohhh I’ve had a lot of #2 right now that I’m binging all my contemporary reads. It just makes me so happy 😀

  7. NUMBER NINE! So much truth right there, whenever people judge me for a book I’m reading. As for the bonus, whenever that happens, I’m basically cringing, while my neighbours in the subway cast curious glances at me. Lol.

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  9. THIS IS AWESOME. 😀 😀 Hi! Miranda @ Tempest Books mentioned how much she loves your reviews so I decided to stop by and check out your blog. I’ve followed you on Bloglovin. 😀 Seriously, this is so great. I make ALLLLLLLL the faces when reading, and this is why I like to do most of my reading in private. When a book gives me feels, I want to clutch the book around to me and roll around happily (I read in bed, most of the time) and squeal. I am a book-adoring freak, I am. That one time I sobbed for like a whole hour on a plane because GOD KNOWS WHY I DECIDED TO READ TFIOS ON A PLANE was not fun. Thankfully no one was sitting next to me though! Also when I am in public I just smile and giggle and laugh over books anyway. I hope nobody thinks I’m too weird.

    (#7 though. #7 is painful. Especially when it’s a book you really wanted to love. *sigh*)

    • I followed you through Miranda as well! What an awesome chick 😉

      OH I do the bed thing too! Yesss someone else does that!

      WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. WHY. I read TFiOS ALONE at home, where I could cry in peace.

  10. GREAT great great post 😀 Awesome idea. I’ve definitely done the “OH SHIT” face before in public. Or the trying to hide your laughter one. They’re all so true! Definitely including this in my link-up this week 🙂

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  14. I am a very expressive reader, and have been known (on occasion) to express these feelings with not only faces but words. And also laughter.
    For example, I was reading the end of Take Back the Skies, and the THING happens and it’s supposed to be dramatic but it was so WTF that I just could NOT stop laughing. Like WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED I CANNOT EVEN BREATHE THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Which is sad because like I said, it was supposed to be emotional (oops).
    I don’t know if you included this one exactly, but this is a face I have been known to pull quite a bit when reading: http://static.tumblr.com/mrbsefp/rdhly6dto/awkward_smile.gif
    But with more lip curling and a tad more disgust. 😀

    • I love (hate?) it when something is supposed to make you wail in pain but really you’re cackling like a madwoman xD

      And no I missed that face but YES I know exactly what you’re talking about! I do the same 😛

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