Playing with Makeup and Other Ramblings

Makeup and Fun

So this isn’t actually a discussion post. It’s actually going to be a smattering of random things that I’ve been interested in lately that aren’t really book related, but are still things I enjoy. Sorry, but the books are taking a day off today! (I’m also writing this while avoiding reading Ruin and Rising, because I am a wimp and a coward and a hardback book is scaring me)

Most of the blogs I follow are book related, but one that isn’t is Olivia’s Eye Have A Lot of Feelings. She actually reviews some books and movies, but her specialty is makeup. And she is WICKEDLY talented! Seriously, just look through some of her posts and stand in awe of her genius skills.Β And not to be creepy, but she has beautiful skin, even with all the super high res pictures she takes. I may be a bit jealous. We were actually chatting a few days ago and she mentioned that she wanted to see what I do for my regular makeup routine, since I always tell her I’m so boring and wish I could do crazy stuff like she does. So here it is Olivia!

Makeup SquaresIgnore the weird, wiry eyebrows. I’ve given up hope on those things. My eyes also look strangely green in these pictures… which isn’t quite true. Usually they’re blue-gray or clear blue. Like right here:

photo 3That picture isn’t filtered, unlike my profile pic that I have in my sidebar πŸ˜› So those are my natural peepers. I used a few colors from the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay (the white/pink one, the light pink, dark pink, and the shimmery black), and for my eyeliner I used the black from the Naked Basics palette. I pretty much just blend everything together and smudge it all to get a slightly hazy look. And that’s about it! Sometimes I’m even lazier than this, and just do a base plus crease color and some mascara. It all depends on my mood (and how late I woke up that morning).

Let’s Talk TV and Movies

I’m watching the Desolation of Smaug right now and… well… I may be in love with a dragon. Or just his voice. It’s times like this when I curse the awful speakers in my car. I could blast the audio clips aaalllll day with the bass turned way up. Also: I love how Thorin is a far more complex and likable character in the movies. In the book he’s pretty much irredeemable, and I downright hate him. I wonder if the intense greediness will pop up in the third movie though? All I know is I’m praying that *cough* certain characters *cough* don’t die. I mean, they added Tauriel – couldn’t they save some lives?? Side note – why is Orlando Bloom so pretty? It’s just not fair.

To be honest I don’t care as long as you keep talking until I’m dead

I’ve also started watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix (because Veronica got a free month and we are capitalizing on that as much as possible – thank you love <3), and I’m enjoying it well enough so far. Some parts are a bit iffy for me, but the overall story is entertaining. I like Morrello; I hope she starts becoming more of a major character. But I’m only on episode two (it’s Sunday as I write this), so we’ll see what happens.

Guys, I’m dying to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. I’ve heard is absolutely amazing ❀ I could watch that trailer over and over again, especially with Kings and Queens playing. I don’t care how old or overplayed that song is; it never fails to make me astoundingly happy. If I’ve had a bad day, I blast that track over and over again on my way home from work. Actually, I love all the music from those movies; I still need to get the first movie’s score. But anyway… I just want to see all the new dragons! And Toothless. And grown up Hiccup. But I swear I’m not attracted to animated characters. I mean, that’s never happened before… Ever.

Anyway… I think that’s enough stalling. Ruin and Rising awaits… Excuse me while I go cower in the corner.


9 thoughts on “Playing with Makeup and Other Ramblings

  1. Actually, I don’t put makeup! Maybe a bit of concealer, but nothing else. And hey, wiry eyebrows are always better than having no eyebrows at all, like some people I know. In my opinion, at least. πŸ˜› Anyway, your makeup looks pretty natural, which I love! I don’t know if they sell any of the brands you mentioned here, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them. It’s about time I started getting into makeup anyway, right? xD

    Also: for some reason your picture reminds me of Shailene Woodley! You two look kind of similar, haha.

    Eh, the only good parts about The Desolation of Smaug were Martin Freeman’s facial expression (that nose wriggle, seriously) and the dragon. I wish they’d stuck more to the main story instead of creating an additional romantic plot between Tauriel and Kili. I did NOT approve, dude. Not at all. Talk about instalove and cheesy lines! Even thinking about it now is making me cringe.

    Ooh — I so want to watch Orange is the New Black! It looks so different and hilarious and I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far… except for those not-so-good parts, of course. Doubtful I’ll get to watch it soon though; Netflix for some reason doesn’t work well in my country. Ugh.

    • Aww thank you! And don’t feel like you ever have to get into makeup – it’s all your own choice. You’re beautiful as you are anyway πŸ˜‰ I just like to because I’m so pale that I look sickly without at least some mascara and concealer. But if you do – just don’t go crazy circus colors like I did when I was 14 O_O

      Martin Freeman’s face is a gift to all of humanity. I kind of liked Tauriel, but yeah it was full of cheeseballs otherwise… I like how they’re bringing Azog in some more as compared to just the final battle – I know it helped my students visualize things a lot better when we read the book.

  2. Smaug! Benedict Cumberbatch has the greatest voice. I have to admit I read The Hobbit like years ago so I remember the broad strokes of the story but there’s a lot of character nuance I miss. Especially because I followed it very quickly with LotR and the Silmarillion all in like 5 weeks. so some things blur. I’m kind of glad Orlando Bloom is in the movies though πŸ™‚ And I really like Tauriel.

    I can’t decide if I need to reread Shadow and Bone and Seige and Storm before Ruin and Rising… just for the fun of it πŸ™‚

    • I reread the Hobbit at least once a year now, because I teach it in one of my classes xD So I’m quite familiar with the story! I can definitely tell that they added a lot from the annexes, and some original stuff to. But I think overall they stick to the story pretty well.

      DO IT! If just for the fun πŸ˜‰ I did, and I’m really glad, because I was totally immersed in the world when I got to Ruin and Rising.

  3. Hiccup is seriously cute in that movie. I don’t know how they did that, but they did it… And bring your tissues to the movie… seriously. I literally cried.

  4. I really want to get one of the Naked palettes. Or well, I kind of want all of them haha. I’m hoping they come out with a purple-y one, though. I really like how your eyes came out πŸ™‚ Seeing that makes me want to do more stuff with my eyes in my normal makeup routine. Usually I just do mascara and that’s it. As we’ve previously discussed, I’m helpless with eyeliner. But it’d be nice to use eyeshadow more often.

    Btw I love your natural eye color! They look good even without a filter πŸ˜‰

    • I was thinking of getting the first one, but I can’t wear some of the colors because they’re so dark against my skin. That’s why I like the rosy tones of the third one πŸ˜€ Purple would be nice, but sometimes purple has a weird texture, at least in my experience.

      Maybe just do a light brown or a shimmery tan and then some mascara? Just to brighten up your lids? That always works when I haven’t slept a lot πŸ˜‰

      And thank you! My sister commented on them yesterday and said that they’ve changed color; I guess they used to be a full gray.

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