Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV Shows

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Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV Shows. Well, now that I think about it, I really don’t watch all that much TV (I specialize in rewatching Supernatural), but we’ll see how this goes.

TV Shows

1. Supernatural. The main source of all my feels – I’m currently rewatching all the seasons for the third time through, and it’s giving me ALLLL THE PAIN. My poor babies Dean and Sammy. Also: season 7 isn’t as horrid as I remembered.

2. Spongebob Squarepants. I’ve been watching this for about ten years now, and I still watch an episode or two if I have time during breakfast. I’m pretty sure my Algebra II class I taught last year spoke in 100% Spongebob quotes. 

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also the reason I love Netflix – MARATHON ALL THE EPISODES. Seriously, every episode is gold. Somehow I need to get all the seasons on DVD. oh my god they’re only $13 each on Amazon I neeeeeeedddddddd itttttt.

4. Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Totally a different category than the first show. I love the whole “old tradition meets new technology” issue (that was a favorite of mine to study in school), and even though it’s a lot darker than the first series (hello – season one finale?? I was freaking out), I still love it. Season three is fabulous, and I hate waiting each week for the new episodes.

 5. Sherlock. I still haven’t watched the final episode of season three (so so scared), but it’s one of my favorites for sure. I watched it for Cumberbatch, and stayed for the feels and awesome episodes.


6. Anything Marvel. Don’t even ask me to pick my favorite in the whole collection. But anything they put in theaters – I’m there! I’d have to say that Iron Man 3 was pretty awesome though, simply because Tony Stark kicked anxiety’s ass and that was probably the coolest moment I’ve ever had in a movie theater.

7. Anything Disney. I’m pretty sure I could sing any of the songs in my sleep. I also went through a period in college (dark times, those), where I watched Lion King at least once a day.

8. Anything Pixar. BRAVE!!!!!! That’s all. (But Wall-E <3)

9. The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit movies. Extended editions, of course! I grew up on LOTR, and can probably recite the lines along with the movie.

10. Juno. I watch this movie when I’m feeling wistful – the quiet pace of the movie and the feel-good themes just let me float for a few hours.

11. Okay… this is entirely Meg’s fault. I didn’t add this till 10PM Monday night. But I marathoned 13 episodes (as of right now… who knows how long I’ll stay up for this show), so I think it deserves a mention. And that show is… Attack on Titan. Yup. *cue Meg’s freaking out* My thoughts during the first episode were “WTF”, but then episode two and three came and… well… ADDICTED.

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!


37 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Movies and TV Shows

  1. 1. haha I knew Supernatural would feature somewhere 😛 I should probably watch that at some point…there are just so many episodes though D:

    5. SHERLOCK!! So good! But those season cliffhangers are such torture. Especially since we have to wait so long between seasons T.T

    9. “What about second breakfast?” That is all.

    11. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS LEVI?! His spinning manoeuvres are RIDICULOUSLY EPIC. And Mikasa is a freaking badass!

    I have to admit, I’m more of a Dreamworks fan than Disney/Pixar- How to Train Your Dragon is literally my all time favourite movie, and Kung Fu Panda and Rise of the Guardians were so awesome too. Then again, Frozen and Tangled and The Fox and the Hound ajkshdlfawef! Okay, so I can’t choose between the studios… 😛

    • 1. You know me so well 😉 The episodes fly by! You’ll be done before you know it.

      5. Don’t get me started on the hiatus for season 4… It’s killing me.

      9. And elevensies??

      11. I think I missed Levi’s “big-ass trees” line… Makes me so sad. BUT YES BOTH OF THEM ARE TOO AMAZING FOR MY HEART


  2. It is so hard to pick a favorite Marvel movie! I did really love the latest Captain America though… I love a lot of Disney and Pixar movies, though I don’t find them all created equal though. I like how varied the genres on your list are!

  3. HOORAY FOR CARTOONS–I can relate! 😀 I have a friend who never watched Spongebob. How is that even possible!? D: Avatar! _< Iron Man 3 was confusing, but TONY STARK. ❤ I loooove Disney. Mulan's my favorite! 😀 I don’t like Brave… I… have not watched LotR. ;'( *hides in the corner of shame* Ooooh I’ve watched episode one of SnK (Attack on Titan) and I reaaaaally should continue!

    • Cartoons are just timeless – there is never a bad time to watch Spongebob 😀

      Mulan is amazing ❤ And how do you NOT like Brave??


  4. I gotta agree with Emily up there. YOU MUST WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF SHERLOCK!

    I love Supernatural, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings and Marvel too! And who doesn’t love Spongebob? :))

  5. ATTACK ON TITAN! Still need to marathon that as well. AND I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO PUT AVATAR ON MY LIST! Ugh!

    I honestly completely love everything on your list as well, except Supernatural because I haven’t watched it yet :/

    • YES MARATHON IT! I finished season one and I’m just *grabby hands* for season two!!!

      Okay, go sit your butt down in front of Netflix and don’t leave the house for a week. SUPERNATURAL MUST BE WATCHED

  6. OMG YES, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. I still love that show so much! When I found out the other day they were still making new episodes, I think I screamed my head off! Though admittedly, the new ones aren’t as good as the old ones but still it’s SPONGEBOB.

    Disney and Pixar — YES! And it’s even better when they combine forces and it’s like a double whammy of awesomeness! I really liked Brave but Up was so good too! And Toy Story was fantastic as well!

    So happy to see Juno up here because that’s one of my favourite movies! I loved the relationship between Ellen Page’s character and Michael Cera’s. It was so sweet!

    • I think all the new episodes after the movie aren’t as good as the old stuff. Some have that old spark, but some are just plain weird!

      You know what’s weird? I still haven’t finished Up. O_O

      SO. MANY. FEELS. Their relationship is everything I aspire to have someday!

  7. I loved Supernatural. The first few seasons were the absolute BEST, but I stopped watching… I can’t even remember when. It lost its road-trippy, monster-of-the-week vibe, and it just went downhill for me.

    Sherlock almost made my list but I have similar issues with Moffat in that show as I do in Doctor Who, so I still haven’t watched any of S3.


    Okay okay I FLIPPING LOVE AVATAR AND LEGEND OF KORRA even though I’m way behind on Korra and haven’t watched anything beyond the first seaons….. oops. ALSO ANYTHING DISNEY/PIXAR/MARVEL YES GOOD.

    • Seasons 1-5 were the best – though season six wasn’t bad either with Soulless Sam’s snark. It has that “THIS is the biggest challenge yet – no, THIS is the biggest challenge yet!” vibe nowadays, but I think season 10 might be a change from that. *crosses fingers*

      I don’t think Moffat has screwed Sherlock up like he has Doctor Who, but I totally agree about DW. I miss the days when there were characters like Rose 😦 *joining you in the being a downer*


  8. Hahaha I’m realizing that, while we have fairly similar tastes when it comes to YA, that we are NOT similar at all with TV/movies 😛 Obviously our conversation the other night should’ve been a big clue! 😉 Although I totally agree with Juno and Disney/Pixar. Of course!! And I think I’ll probably like Supernatural, once I eventually get to it!

    I actually have this post I’m halfway done with about the TV shows I watch/want to watch. I mostly do dramas and reality TV. Definitely a weakness of mine! I just finished marathon-watching all 6 seasons of Sister Wives, NOT GONNA LIE. (Although I kind of wish I was lying, because that’s so embarrassing lol)

    • You still have to watch at least one Marvel movie 😉 It’s imperative for your health.

      I like reality TV, but I’m actually horrible at watching them. They usually get on my nerves SO much that I can actually feel my blood pressure rising. Plus, I tend to watch them with my mom, and I just have to comment on everything. Loudly, and sometimes I rant for a few minutes. So I’m really a horrible person to watch those shows with 😛

      • The ranting is the best part! But usually I’m watching alone and it would be weird if I dramatically argued about everything with myself. So maybe you’re exactly the kind of person I need to come watch it with me!! haha 😉

        Okay, I promise, I will watch at least one Marvel movie. Which one are you making me get from Netflix? 😛

  9. Sherlock! The s3 finale is so, so good though. There’s a scene in there that… I mean it’s just so beautifully brilliant. I love, love, love it 🙂

    I have to admit I prefer Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 but, yes, everything Marvel does is good.

    I love LOTR (of course extended editions) but don’t love any of the Hobbits yet. I’m pretty sure I like Desolation of Smaug because it has great action and Evanjaline Lily and Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans 🙂

    • Is it??? I’ve heard that there’s one part where it’s just FEEELLLSSSS all around.

      Oooohh Thor 2 is a close runner up 😉

      I agree with you: the Hobbit is nice, just so I can see it on the screen and have it adapted, but it just isn’t quite reaching the caliber of LOTR


    Now all that’s left is for you to discover the magic that is the soundtrack. Go search these up: Vogel Im Kafig, Call Your Name, This Beautiful Cruel World, and Attack on Titan and SPEND THE NEXT FEW HOURS IN HEAVENLY BLISS.

    Deep breaths, Meg, deep breaths. Okay, now I’m actually going to talk about the other less-than-important super interesting TV shows and movies you listed down. 😉

    1. Chiara’s been pushing me to watch Supernatural, but oh my gah there’s just no time. D: I know plenty of people who’re huge fans of this show, though, and the gifs are hilarious! Their facial expressions are just the best, lol.

    2. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve never watched a single episode of Spongebob in my life. My best friend loves the show, but in all honesty it looks kind of stupid. /pleasedontkillme/ I mean, the characters look cute and all, and it’s probably quite funny, but I don’t think I’ll ever watch Spongebob! ><

    5. YET another TV show I desperately want to watch because MARTIN FREEMAN AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. I've heard their chemistry onscreen is awesome, and all my friends are raving about how disturbing Moriarty's character is (in a good way). And I'm all for disturbing villains. Also, feels are always a plus.

    6. Marvel is the best. The Winter Soldier basically had me keeling over with overflowing emotions and the Iron Man trilogy just got better and better. Now I can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy!

    7. I grew up on Disney animated films, but I can't remember most of them now since I've only watched them once, or twice at most. Frozen was good, though, and I remember loving Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. One day I'll need to do a Disney movie marathon!

    9. My dad is a HUGE fan of LotR so every year we watch all three — extended editions — at least twice, over a period of a few weeks because they're so long and it's nice to stretch them on anyway. But yup, LotR is definitely one of my favorite book-to-movie adaptations. It's even better than the HP films, and that's saying something! 😛

    11. (Because three paragraphs ain't enough.) Can you believe this anime?! I was already dying from the feels in Ep. 1 and then things just got steadily worse and worse (in a good way). ALL THEM TWISTS. Never saw any of them coming. But I love all the characters so, so much. I'm kind of dreading Season 2 because I'm afraid something bad might happen to them. EREN, THOUGH. Honestly, it was his fault so many episodes were pretty much just fillers while he took his own sweetass time struggling to transform. T_T

    2015 is too long a wait. SOMEBODY HOLD ME. *sobs*


      Okay, I shall look those up immediately! I still like the theme song from the first half of the season best… especially the lyrics (if my subtitles translated it properly).


      2. You live an empty life, Meg O_O Spongbob is LIFE

      5. You can seriously finish the entire series (all three so far) in about 12 hours. It’s not long at all, but each episode is like *angel choir singing*

      11. I CAN’T. Although I actually started watching Free! afterwards and I legit cried in those last two episodes. Have you seen that one? You need to! It’s gotten to the point in SnK where I’m just like DON’T HAVE FAVORITE CHARACTERS THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE AT SOME POINT. I will flip tables if Levi or Mikasa go though – lose. my. mind.

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  12. I noticed the marathon because netflix was telling me that I liked that stuff and I was like no what the, and I looked and saw it was on the what I saw list and I’m like… kayla was watching it on her flat screen…. girl you’re messing up my netflix recommendations! I still love you though. 😛

    • Shhhh I don’t know what you’re talking about 😉 I’m sorry but I had the house to myself for three days straight and why watch on the tiny laptop and get my legs all hot when I have a big screen??

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