Weekly Recap 36 (July 20) – Barnes and Noble is Awesome

Well hello Sunday my old friend. I can’t believe another week has passed again! This week was really strange, with the whole not working for five days then coming back to work four very busy days. But, now I’m off again until Wednesday. This whole summer schedule is really throwing me off – no week is the same anymore! Just five more weeks until school – hooray! I’m sure my students are already crying, but I’m really excited to go back. I’ve started writing down lesson plans and I’ve got some great stuff planned, especially in my American Lit class.

Stacking the Shelves

Note to self: when you go on a month-long book buying ban, beware the monster that’s unleashed when said ban is lifted. I SWEAR I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO THIS BUT BARNES AND NOBLE SENT OUT MORE COUPONS AND I STOLE MY MOM’S TOO SO I JUST HAD TO STOP BY.

photo 1Fangirl I had actually ordered last Sunday, because who can say no to the limited edition of their favorite book? It’s even prettier in person with the Simon/Baz foiling and the bookmark and the printing on the pages and the emergency dance party print on the inside cover and ooohhhhh…

And then since I’m a horrible person and capitalize frequently on my local BN’s habit of putting books out several days early, I picked up both OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu and Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke, both of which technically aren’t out till Tuesday.

Kelley @ Oh, the Books hasn’t let me forget about Dissonance for one day since she read it, and says that I’m going to see oodles of colors when I read this one. So keep an eye out in the next few weeks – I’m sure I’ll end up Saturating it sometime soon 😉

Have I mentioned that Barnes and Noble is awesome sauce? Because they are. I forgot that the pop-culture event was going on this weekend, and when I walked in one of my favorite booksellers (AL! He reminds me of a really sweet version of my grandpa) shuffled me over to this table (is it sad that I know my booksellers and they know me? They don’t even need to ask if I have a membership anymore, it’s just “what’s your phone number?”) and basically ushered me into the gates of heaven.

photo 2I picked up a bunch of little pamphlets that have 2-5 chapters from the beginning of books! Dorothy Must Die, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Young Elites (!!!), The Young World, Mistborn and on the flip side Words of Radiance, and Attack on Titan. Because now that I’ve watched the whole show I want to start reading it too (THANKS A LOT MEG I JUST SOLD MY SOUL TO AOT). I also got my school supplies in the mail for my British Lit class – Beowulf, Pride and Prejudice, and The Lord of the Rings. Time to start laying out all the details for lessons! Oh yeah, and that’s Princess. She decided that my pile of books was her new bed.

In other news…

I didn’t get a lot of reading done this week, mostly because Meg and Lesley hooked me on Attack on Titan. I watched the whole first season, and since I see it on tumblr all the time I also watched season one of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. And now because Lesley recommended it, I think I’m starting Madoka Magica. I have no idea what it’s about, but she says it’s good, and it’s on Netflix I think. I have this feeling that I’m sinking into a black hole that has no bottom O+O

I cried SO HARD

It’s now two weeks that I’ve been eating Paleo, and I’ve now lost 6.2 pounds. Which is just like… I can’t even comprehend it. I’ve steadily gained weight over the last five years, unable to lose any no matter what I did. And now all of sudden it’s like it’s just flying off. Every time I weigh myself it’s like – wait – let me do that again – that can’t be right! But it is, and I’m just so excited because my scrubs are starting to slip off my butt and while it’s really not attractive it’s really encouraging every time I have to hike them up my waist again.

Except Lottie is a bit more gifted in the chest area than me – but basically this

Now that I’ve reached a year now on TTL (there’s still time to enter my giveaway! Check out the sidebar for my banner and link), I want to challenge myself and participate even more in the community. So to start it off, I’m contacting a few authors to see if they’d be interested in doing an interview – hopefully I’ll have some positive answers! I’ve also got big (top secret!) plans for the next few months – I’m so excited to see how it all works out and that you guys enjoy it!

In case you missed it, last week I…

What’s coming up this week?

  • Monday – Review of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
  • Tuesday – Top Ten Characters I want with me on a deserted island
  • Wednesday – Saturated Reads: The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
  • Thursday – Tag: The Seven Deadly Sins (thanks Ner!)
  • Friday – Review of Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

Hope you all have a good week!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 36 (July 20) – Barnes and Noble is Awesome

  1. Eeeeeeee. I’m really excited to see you’re saturation of The Winner’s Curse. And to see your thoughts and Love and other foreign words

  2. Hehehe, the Barnes & Noble coupon got me too! I had been telling myself I shouldn’t buy a book, but then I got a coupon and it was a gift from the gods saying, obviously, that I should! So I did. 😀 I’m so jealous your store puts books out early! Mine often puts them out late, and sometimes I even have to ask about them because the system says in stock but I can’t find them on the shelves. ISN’T THE POP CULTURE THING AWESOME? I felt like I thief as I stocked up on stuff at the front of the store. So much fun.

    Big plans? Can’t wait to hear what they areeeee!

    • We need to start a support group xD Every time we get a coupon, we have to delete it unless we have a pre-approved book budget!

      Oh no! That’s awful D: My YA section is super tiny though, so maybe that’s why? They’re kind of on top of it since there’s like four shelves.

      I did too! Like – should I be slipping these in my purse right now?? Is someone going to grab me for thievery???

  3. I started eating Paleo just this past November and love it! Yes weight fell off but also I just feel really healthy and energetic. My family has blood sugar issues so I have to be really careful to eat enough fruit/vegetable carbs to keep my blood sugar up. But I also like that it means I have to pay attention to what I eat and make good choices 🙂

    • Yay! Someone else I can talk to about it 😀 I’m such a newbie – I still need to learn all the little tricks and whatnot. But I just made guacamole today, and that was a pretty big accomplishment for me. I wasn’t really a big cooking person in the first place, so having to actually sit down and make everything for each meal is probably the hardest part.

      I’ve noticed that I’m feeling better too! I actually have forgotten to take my thyroid pills at night (I take them morning and night) and I still feel good. The weight is just a really nice bonus to that 😀

  4. YOUR SOUL IS IN A GOOD PLACE. I GUARANTEE IT. (Because my soul is there, too. ;D)

    I SO desperately want to read the manga as well but when I picked up from where the anime left off (around Chapter 35, Vol. 8? Somewhere there), the art was just too messy and reading on my phone was awkward so I gave up. *sobs* I’m now facing the ultimate dilemma of whether I should just wait ONE WHOLE FREAKING YEAR until the next anime season, or if I should just suck it up and get used to the manga. But. If you read the manga and if you like it, tell me and try to convince me, k.

    And Madoka Magica is pretty good! I’m watching it too (thanks, Lesley), and while it’s nowhere near SnK-epic, it explores some interesting concepts and the main character is so kawaiiii~ Pink hair and pigtails ROCK.


    Okay, can I take a moment to drool over your edition of Fangirl?! Even though I haven’t read anything by Rainbow — I know, I know — I just want to buy all of her books because all their covers are so gorgeous I can’t even. And hah! Kelley’s pretty hardcore about Dissonance. Still not sure if I’ll read it yet but I hope you enjoy it!

    Sighzz, I wish we had a B&N where I live, but we don’t! D:

    • Well, if my soul is with your soul then I think we’re good 😉

      I read that little one chapter booklet I got from Barnes and Noble, and I think it helped to have it in physical form. I can imagine that being on the phone would make it hard D: I’m getting the first three volumes in August when I get paid, so I’ll let you know how it goes! I found them for super cheap online at BN 😀

      I’m going to watch the first four episodes of Free! Eternal Summer, then I’m finishing Orange is the New Black, and then I’ll start MM. I’m sure I’ll be tweeting you and Lesley 😉

      YOU NEED TO READ FANGIRL MEG IF THAT’S THE ONLY ROWELL BOOK YOU READ. It’s just so amazing! TBD has it for $15 right now 😀

      Okay, remind me again where you live? I need to put a Meg dot on my map of bloggers 😉

  5. I badly badly want that edition of Fangirl! I’ve seen pictures and they are beautiful! Also, it’s so nice that you know the people at B&N and that they know you too. I think it’s such a welcoming feeling to step into a bookstore where people know you.

    • Ohhh Francine it’s so worth it! Definitely a book to own 😀

      It was so weird – the other day I walked in and there were two new guys and it was like O_O WHAT DO I DO? Where are my people?? But I guess that’s what happens when I go out of my normal visiting times – it was a Tuesday morning and I’m usually there Thursday afternoon or Saturday midday 😛

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