Weekly Recap 37 (July 27) – In Which I Have Zero Self Control

Well hello Sunday my old friend. I can’t believe another week has passed again! Nothing of note to report really. Work kept me busy and other than that I spent a lot of time on my couch reading and watching TV.

Stacking the Shelves


I… I have zero apologies to give. Screw book bans and just let me work extra shifts! Because I need ALL THE BOOKS *grabby hands* I feel okay about getting so many books this month because 1) half were from birthday money and 2) I’m only getting Isla and the Happily Ever After in August *I think*. So yeah – MOAR BOOKS.

Meg and Lesley have taken me down a very dark path (no regrets), and I snatched up a copy of the spin-off manga detailing Levi’s origins. I’m now impatiently waiting for volume 2 until it’s released in November. And while I was grocery shopping (grocery shopping – how the hell do I end up with books when I’m buying FOOD) I found a super cheap copy of The Giver and just had to get it – $5! The size is nice, and the pages are soft, and since my copy mysteriously vanished, I had to get another one so I can read it again before the movie is released. Oh and then there’s Dany – my glorious dragony Khaleesi to guard all my books. She sits on top of my TBR pile to remind me to be as fearless and her and tackle that mountain.

In other news…

The Paleo diet is still going very well! I’m at a total of 7.4 pounds lost, and I can see a noticeable change in my body shape. My work clothes actually fit like they should! Except one pair of scrubs are starting to get too big, so there’s that. I guess it’s a good problem to have, yeah? And I just found that my sister has all my pairs of jeans that are a size too small for me, but I’m hoping I can steal them back in the next month or so 😉

I’m in the middle of Heir of Fire – OH MY GOD EVERYONE HOLY SHENANIGANS I MAY CRY. I can already tell you: my review will be composed of keyboard smashing, gifs, polyamorous shipping, and maybe a coherent sentence or two sprinkled in between. It’s just… ❤ I really wish I had a physical copy, but the eARC will do for now until I can reread it in hardback when September rolls around. I’ve pinpointed my problem with ebooks: I don’t have a mental map of what’s happening in the book. Like when I’m holding pages, I can remember things a lot better because I remember how thick each side was in my hand when something happened. Like if I close my eyes I can see all the pages I’ve already read, and the blank pages in front of me. With an ebook, I can see that one page only, and the rest is invisible. /crazysaucerant

I’d love some good thoughts and prayers sent my way! I’ve been having a lot of pain and dryness from my contacts in the last few days, and I had to wear my glasses yesterday (I normally only wear them like never – emergency only). My sister has a similar problem that’s been diagnosed as wonky cells covering her cornea like scales – I’m really hoping I’m not developing the same thing. We’ll see how the next few days go! I’m hoping it’s just tiredness to blame.

In case you missed it, last week I…

What’s coming up this week?

  • Monday – Review of Free to Fall by Lauren Miller
  • Tuesday – Top Ten authors I own the most books from
  • Wednesday – Saturated Reads: Peeta Mellark
  • Thursday – Best books of 2014
  • Friday – Not quite sure yet… We’ll see!

Hope you all have a good week!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 37 (July 27) – In Which I Have Zero Self Control

  1. I love your weekly wrap ups. It feels like I get to know you better each week! 🙂 I shall be thinking of you re. your contacts! I can’t wear contacts as my eyes get too dry and sore.

    • They’re actually one of my favorite posts to write as well 🙂 Thank you! My eyes are still tired today, but it may now be because of the glasses; they’re one step too weak. My prescription changed again after I got them D:

  2. OHhhhh, Heir of Fire? *sobs a little* I’m actually SCARED to start it. I have it on my e-reader…but I thought I’d wait till closer to release date because a) when I want to flail, I’m going to want to blog and I can’t blog about it TOO early and b) WHAT IF I NEED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT?? So I decided to wait. It’s killing me though. I hope my OTP keeps together. *ahem*
    I didn’t know you were on a paleo diet but…heh, this probably sounds weird but, my mum is very into all-things-diets and we’re actually doing that one too. I have NO brain for diet, but I eat what I’m given. But I KNOW WHAT PALEO IS. I FEEL INTELLIGENT. (Kind of.)
    And can I also say…A++++++ GIF USAGE THERE?!! Take a bow! You’re fabulous. XD

    • DON’T EVEN THINK – JUST READ!! I had to finish it yesterday and oh my god oh my god ohmygod I’m dying Cait. DYING. I NEED TO FLAIL WITH SOMEONE SO GET YOUR BUTT ON IT NOW. I ended up writing two different reviews so I could properly freak out and share the feels.

      Actually using that gif reminds me that it’s been at least a month since my last LOTR marathon 😉 I need to remedy that!

  3. Paleo diet?! What is that? I’d love to try! 😀

    And that Giver book looks so pretty. I love the black and then the small patch of sky in the middle. It definitely gives off that philosophizing aura the book is known for. I wonder if they’ll continue making movies of the 3 other books?

    And I’m reading Crown of Midnight and loving it so far! I can’t wait to see what HoF is all about. I’m team Chaol for now, but many seem to be jumping ship to Dorian x Celaena @_@

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • It’s grain-, dairy-, preservative-, and sugar-free 🙂 One site I read described it as “if a caveman couldn’t eat it, you can’t either”. It was hard to get used to at first, but I’ve come up with a lot of creative uses for bell peppers! I’ve even made chocolate mochas and chocolate pudding, so I don’t even feel like I’m missing out on much 🙂 I did miss milk at first, but now after three weeks not so much anymore.

      I usually hate movie covers, but this is one I actually didn’t mind 🙂 I never read the other three books; I probably should do that one day.

      Eh, I ship Dorian x Celaena as friends only. But I’m staying absolutely silent on the subject of ships in HoF 😉

  4. Regarding contacts and glasses, I got to the point where I had to start wearing glasses on work days (5 days a week), since the computer and the contacts really don’t seem to get along for me, then on weekends I wear Dailies contacts, so I wear a pair and then throw them away at the end of the day. Not the most cost effective thing ever (Dailies cost the same as regular contacts when you buy a box, but then you realize you’re throwing them away everyday and it actually costs way more), but it’s how I maintain my sanity since I have a love-hate relationship with contacts and a dislike-hate-but-necessary relationship with glasses.

    Glad the Paleo diet is still working well!

    • Oh, that’s what my sister has! Yeah, dailies are expensive D: At least you found something that works for you though!

      I actually threw away my other pair (I use one-month sets), and put in a new pair. So far they’re working out pretty well. My eyes are a bit glassy still, but I think it’s just tiredness now. I stopped pointing the fan at me at work too, so the dryness will go away I’m thinking.

  5. You read manga, Kayla? 😀 I’m more of a romantic-manga/action-anime type of girl. And I normally only read oneshots or manga with only one volume because I CAN’T WAIT FOR FUTURE VOLUMES. And yes, screw all the book bans! I just got 4 books + a Kindle paperwhite this week! ❤ That Khaleesi doll is adorable!

    Faye's been fangirling to us about Chaol/Calaena in Crown of Midnight, and we promised to buddy read Heir of Fire once I finish CoM! 😀 (She's scared of ship-switching, which I'm not scared of ATM because I am shipless!)

    I hope you and your sister feel better soon! ❤

    • I JUST started actually 😀 So I’m all for recommendations 😉 I know I want to read AoT, and I’m considering reading No.6 now that I’ve watched the anime. I don’t think I could handle one volume mangas – what if I fall in love and need more??

      OH MY GOD THE SHIPS. THE. SHIPS. *dead again* I have so many feels over HoF. PLEASE email me when you finish (or maybe all three of us can have a google chat??) because I need to flail with someone!

  6. OMG. Polyamorous shipping? Haha. Is this about the new guy in Heir of Fire? OMG I am going to read the book before August ends because we have exams at the moment but I seriously can’t wait!

    I don’t know but I am actually disappointed about Ruin and Rising! I explained some of my points on GR. Some things are just confusing for me! :/ I am glad you loved it 😓

    • I am dead serious on that one O_O Although I’m pretty sure I picked my one ship; no polygamy needed 😉 Oh, and that “new guy” is Rowan, and good lord almighty I need an inhaler whenever he’s on the page.

      I know a lot of people have differing opinions on R&R – I just happened to love how it was concluded. I tend to miss things when I’m reading for the first time (if I’m super into it, I read so fast that I occasionally miss lines), so maybe my reread will bring up some questions.

  7. I would work extra shifts for books too! Hahaha. Book-buying bans are way too hard. I don’t think I’ve EVER stuck to one so I’m always broke. Lol. And groceries in your country seem to be dangerous. They sell books there too. Haha! And yay to the weight loss. Congratulations. I’m so sorry about the eyes though. I hope you’re doing okay. I’ve been wearing glasses for 8 years now and they are the worst, especially when you lose them. 😛

    • Well it’s like a superstore, so they have like EVERYTHING. I should have just walked past the aisle xD

      Your glasses are cute though! I think I just need to get a better frame – they’re too tiny for my face. My contacts are feeling better today though; I think it’s because I switched to a new pair.

  8. Geh at this point I’m jealous of your books! Gahhhhh. Like gah. Just all the gahs. Which is how you must be feeling about your contacts. *pat pat* I hope you feel better soon! (The smalls odds of something like that happening is the reason why I never want to get contacts! Besides that, there’s the fact that I am putting something in my eye. *shudders* Can’t do it at all.)

    • I wish I could buy all the books and just mail them to people D: ONE DAY!

      They’re feeling better today; thanks 🙂 I know it’s weird, haha. It took me a few weeks to get used to putting them in.

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