Do You Preorder Books?

PreorderI’ve noticed this lately with all of the posts listing books coming out later in the year. Most people have dozens of books preordered – to arrive the exact day when it’s released. And here’s another odd thing: I have never, nor will ever, preorder a book.

*collected gasp of shock*

I know, I know. But I have a good reason! And I will say that I’m considering preordering Ruin and Rising, because I want that poster. *grabby hands* But that’s really the only one I’ll go with. I guess I actually have two reasons.

One: I don’t know if I’ll have the money when the time actually comes to pay for the book. My financial situation is month to month, so I hate making commitments like that. I know I can cancel them if I need to, but with everything I have to keep straight in my head, I just know that I’ll forget!

Two: My book buying choices will vary up and to the point where I’m actually handing over cash at the Barnes and Noble counter. Two months ago, I had planned on buying all fantasy books this month, like City of Heavenly Fire. Now, I’m getting Since You’ve Been Gone and Take Me On, plus another contemporary that may slip into my hands (whoops). So the chances of me preordering something and then actually being in the mood to read it is usually about 5%, and then I have all these books I’m not in the mood for.

So, yup. That’s my excuse. Now to you: is there a legit reason I should preorder books? Am I missing out on some special club or something??


Alternate Reality Giveaway: Trivia Crossword

Alternate Reality GiveawayWelcome back to day 2 of our giveaway! Today we thought we could have some fun, and test your knowledge of various books and series! Veronica and I put together a crossword puzzle (you should have seen us trying to figure out the formatting of it all – PATHETIC), and hopefully it’s not horribly easy or horribly hard for you all 😉

AR Trivia PuzzleACROSS:

  • 3) Audra’s first piece of food in years
  • 10) Starship Violet and Tarver meet on
  • 12) Jack Force’s angelic name
  • 13) The _______ sing the praises of the truth, but they never tell you how much it costs.”
  • 14) Angel found in the Fairchild manor
  • 15) Said “I suppose that now, I must become more than either.”
  • 16) Raffe’s true name


  • 1) The original number of entries in The Testing (in numerals)
  • 2) The true name of Eragon’s self-forged sword
  • 4) The Darkling’s symbol
  • 5) The mark Rose receives after the battle in Shadow Kiss
  • 6) The Shape of Zel’s DNA in Control
  • 7) The Epic that killed David’s father
  • 8) Said this line: “Rose is in red, but never in blue, sharp as a thorn, fights like one too.”
  • 9) Fruit Scarlet first gives Wolf
  • 11) The politically correct term for the Bugger invaders in Ender’s Game

Go to Veronica’s blog to see the answers!

And don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

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I Admit that I Have Some Strange Habits

Reading HabitsWe’ve all talked about bookmarks versus dog-earing, hardback versus paperback, do you take off a dust jacket or keep it on while reading, and so on and so forth. We all have our preferences, and we will have a million more discussions about whether or not dog-earing a page is blasphemy and punishable by a three week reading ban.

However, as I pay more attention to myself as I read, I’ve found that I have a few *possibly weird, probably hilarious* behaviors that I will admit to. Warning: you’re about to find out what a freak I am. Proceed with caution!

I hit myself with books

Yep, you read it right! I hit myself with books. If I’m reading, and I’m absolutely gobstopped by the event that just happened and I’m FREAKING OUT and cannot contain myself and have no bookish buddies to talk to, then I bang the book against my knees and then hunt down my mom so I can wail in her general direction. Usually this works best with hardbacks, though. And it actually does kind of hurt. BUT THE FEELS ARE PAINFUL TOO!

I announce plot twists

I don’t say exactly what happened – I just scream “plot twist!” Again – this is usually when I don’t have someone to talk to so of course I must announce it publicly.

I touch books like they’re lovers

It’s frankly very creepy. You can ask Veronica – she’s seen me do it. But sometimes I just stand at my shelves and run my fingers over the spines because I just HAVE to touch them and remember all the lovely memories they gave me. I’ve done it at stores too, so this is a public behavior as well.

The answer to the question you’re asking right now: yes, I have issues. Clearly something is very wrong with me!

What are some strange reading or bookish habits you have? Do you touch books lovingly as well? Can we be creepers together??


When You Just Need to Switch It Up

Have you ever hit a blogging rut? That’s a stupid question – most of us have, at one point or another. Mine came in the first week of November this year, and after altering the way I looked at it (making it a fun hobby rather than a demanding job), I’ve been smooth sailing ever since. But that was for the inspiration part of it. Now, I’ve come up against another issue: I feel like my book reviews aren’t doing justice to any of the books I read. And some of them have been pretty darn good, and deserve a glowing review.

So it was time for another switch up in how I do things around here. I was reading Jamie’s (Perpetual Page Turner) post about moving forward into 2014, and some of the goals she made for herself, one of which is “talk about books, not review books.” And I thought to myself, “YES, that is exactly what I want to do!”

There’s nothing wrong with reviewing books, per se, but I’ve noticed that when I break it down into Character, Plot, Concept, and Writing Style, I end up getting really choppy and stunted. It used to work really well for me, but as I’ve grown as a writer and learned how to say what I want without rambling, it’s become more of a crutch rather than a help. So I’ve done away with the separate sections!

You might have already seen the changes, in my reviews for World After and Flat Out Love, and hopefully enjoyed them a bit more. Basically, I’ve labeled the two sections this way: the “dwarf version” and the “supernova version”. Gotta keep with that galaxy theme folks! And I do mean dwarf as in dwarf star, not dwarf in the derogative way. Hopefully that didn’t need to be clarified, but… internet. You know how it works.

The Dwarf Version is just a few sentences to give a basic overview of my feelings – a little blurb if you’ve only got a minute. The Supernova Version is when I break it down a little more, and really get into what I liked or disliked about the book. I’m already enjoying this a lot more because sometimes with the other format I didn’t have much to say about the writing style, but had a lot to say about the characters! I would always end up with random sentences hanging everywhere, and I didn’t like it.

Long story short, I really enjoy the new way I’ve been writing my reviews. It gives me a chance to share how I really feel, and there’s a lot more flexibility to focus on the points that I felt were really important. Hopefully you enjoy them as well!

And now to you: have you ever felt the need to change up the way you review books? Do you prefer to give an analytical breakdown of the writing portion, or do you prefer to just write about what you felt and how you reacted to the book?