I Have a Confession to Make

I spend $55.20 on frozen yogurt every month. No, I’m not lying. Every Wednesday, at Golden Spoon, they have a $10 for 4 small yogurts deal. That comes out to $13.80 every week.

The employees know my order now. Three chocolate and peanut butter mixed with Reese’s peanut butter cups, and one random one that my sister decides on.

Frozen yogurt makes everything better. I kind of look like this:

I have no regrets.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those mothers out there, and especially to my own amazing mother. My family decided to head out to Pasadena, and even though the drive was long we had a blast! This was our itinerary:

Church in the morning, then straight from church to stop at Starbucks and Submarina for some drinks and lunch.

Made it to Pasadena, and we parked in the structure after fighting for a spot with all of the other people on the roads today.

Our first stop was a tea store named Bird Pick. My dad’s favorite jasmine green tea is there, but it was my first visit so I spent some time looking around and trying to decide what flavor I wanted to take home. It’s nearly a two hour drive, so I had to make sure I got the right one! In the end, I decided on a white tea: Floral Awakening. It smells amazing, and it’s almost sweet.

Next stop, frozen yogurt! There’s this fantastic spot called 21 Choices, and it’s almost like a Coldstone Creamery how they prepare everything: on a cold slab of marble and all the toppings are chopped up and mixed in. I ordered a Double Chocolate Brownie, but ended up munching on my sister’s (she chose some animal cookie cookie dough mixture – trust me, it’s a lot better than the description!). For Mother’s Day, the store had a special that moms received a free small yogurt, and my mom enjoyed her vanilla bean with strawberries on top.

We did a bit of shopping at Forever 21, then walked around a bit more in the blazing heat – 105 degrees Fahrenheit today. I’m surprised I’m not burned, being as fair skinned as I am. We all were a bit overwhelmed with the heat, so we made one more pit stop before driving home: cupcakes.

Dots Cupcakes. This place is my mom’s all time favorite (she’s a cupcake snob; my dad took her on a cupcake tour for Valentine’s Day one year.) If you ever have the chance, go to this cupcakery. You won’t regret it. I recommend the Choco-Butter: it’s peanut butter frosting on top of a moist chocolate cake. MmMmm good!

While driving home, it was about dinner time, and of course we couldn’t drive on empty stomachs! It was happy hour all day at Ra, and we enjoyed some fantastic sushi and people watching. I was hit on by a seriously inebriated man, and that added some flavor to the evening. We found another bakery, and I picked out a blueberry bagel while they ate some more cupcakes. My mom visited one last store, and then we took the final hour drive home.

We’re watching the season finale of Survivor now – a great end to a great day!