Top Ten 2014 Resolutions

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Edit: 10PM Monday night. I screwed this up and did next week’s prompt! So since I only have mobile and can’t write a post properly, I’ll just leave it and do the Top Ten of 2013 next week. Whoopsies!

Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend). I’m going to split it down the middle – five bookish resolutions and five life resolutions.

Book/Blogging resolutions

1. Only read what I want to read. Don’t request ARCs that I only have partial interest in, and DNF if I have to!

2. Take my time and enjoy my books. When I started reading again, I inhaled a book a day, sometimes two. And the truth is that I burnt out really fast. So I want to try and slow down a bit – be okay with not reading four hours a day. Savor the read! (Though if it’s amazing, I can’t promise I won’t stay up till 2 AM to finish it)

3. Don’t freak out about stats. My views have been up and down lately – with the downs being uncharacteristically low. Just realize that people have lives and my blog probably isn’t the most important thing to them!

4. Interact more! I’ve been so tired lately that I have a hard time leaving comments like I used to. I want to get back into tweeting and commenting and making even more blogging friends!

5. Stay in contact with the blogging friends I’ve made. Whether that means guest posts, having bookish chats, or just emailing/tweeting each other every once in a while – just stay in contact. I’ve met so many lovely people and I don’t want to lose them just because I’m shy!

Life Resolutions

6. Get back to the gym. I know it’s so cliche, but I really do need to do this. Since that thing happened in the summer, life’s gone crazy, and I’ve gained ten pounds. I want that off, plus some more!

7. Be more prepared. This relates specifically to my teaching position. I want to make sure I get ahead on planning so I’m not cramming at the last minute and feeling like I’m breathless every time I walk into a classroom. 

8. Get healthy, mentally and physically. I guess this is kind of linked to #6, but not really. Mostly dealing with the anxiety/panic/depression, which leads into the headaches, neck stiffness, chest pain, and exhaustion. No more of that please!

9. Write my book. I’ve got two beta readers that keep asking me for chapters, and it’s high time I sat down and wrote this thing. It’s time to ignore all the voices, both in my head and what other people say, and do what I really want to with my life.

10. Pay off my debts. You know you’re an adult when money makes it to your list of resolutions. I want to get rid of those student loans!

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!

Top Ten Tuesday: What I’m Thankful For

TTT BannerTop Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Check out their amazing blog here!

Today’s TTT topic is: Top Ten Things I am Most Thankful For. Now this can be bookish or otherwise, so mine will probably be a blend of the two.

1. My mom and sister. They’re honestly my best friends, and I don’t know how I’d get through life without them. Even if they drive me insane sometimes… 😉

2. My jobs. I complain about them all the time, and never actually want to go to work, but when I’m there, I have fun. I like meeting new people at the office, and teaching is the highlight of my week. Maybe some weekends I’m burned out, but in the long run it’s worth it. Not to mention the fact that they mesh perfectly together and I was able to keep both part time jobs and now be able to afford the payments I need to make for cars, student loans, and everything else that comes along with becoming an adult.

3. My church family. This is something I never appreciated enough before. Maybe I don’t hang out with them all the time, or even know half their names, but as a whole they really took care of me and my family when we were struggling this sumer. They may not know exactly what’s going on, but they’re always there to listen and provide encouragement and support.

4. My health, mentally and physically. I had a rough patch for the last few months with headaches, back, shoulder, and neck pains, and overall exhaustion that lead to depression and anxiety. I’ve finally started to feel better, like I can take on life and whatever it throws at me. And I know that technically I wasn’t even sick, and I have friends with far more serious health problems than me, but I’m still thankful.

5. The friends I’ve made since starting blogging. Andi, Chiara, and Veronica in particular – you guys are amazing. Really everyone I’ve come in contact with has been so sweet and welcoming. It’s been an honor to fangirl and cry with you! 

6. The guy who works at the tire place. Thank you for noticing that the lovely people who sold me my car hadn’t replaced the tires since 2005. Thank you for letting me know that I needed to replace them ASAP. Thank you for finding this out before I drove up the mountains. And THANK YOU for giving me that one thing to hold on to – “I have new tires, I’m safe” – so I didn’t have a full blown attack when I drove in fog so thick I couldn’t see one car length in front of me. I need to bring you a bag of chocolate some day.

7. My books. I know it’s cheesy, but I’m so thankful for them. They kept me company when I was lonely, took me away when reality was too much, and then reminded me of how sweet life can be, even when it hurts. They made me believe in happy endings, and to look with open eyes.

I could go on and on about each individual thing, but then this post would be thousands of words long and I’m sure you don’t want to read all that. Bottom line is: I’m thankful for more than I can even imagine. I don’t think I could ever list everything that I’m truly thankful for. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your lovely food! And remember to thank the cook!

That’s my list for this week – link me yours below!