Well This is Embarrassing

I was about to start reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer – had it all set up on my “currently reading” box on my front page and everything. I had been putting it off for a while, but then read some really positive reviews about it, so I finally decided to read it. And then… I couldn’t find it.

I searched all over my shelves, on my floor, in my car, everywhere. I could not find it for the life of me! So, freaking out, I went back and looked through my receipts and found the one from the day I had bought it.

What did I find? I hadn’t bought it at all. As a last minute switch, I had purchased Incarceron by Catherine Fisher instead of Cinder. Let me repeat that: I was frantically searching for a book that I hadn’t even bought.

Oh, the shame. And now I’m stuck in the mindset that I’m going to read Cinder and can’t decide what to read instead!